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Jeyakrishnan KALIDOSS

Jeyakrishnan Kalidoss_6Yrs of Management Experience


I'm seasoned leader & strategist. I'm expert in Product/Project Management and Process Design.

I've worn many hats in my career - Designer, Senior Engineer, Assistant Manager. As a result, I have a unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural projects and to navigate complex problems.

My passion is inventing new, powerful and profitable ways to listen to customers and then turning the insights that emerge into business ideas.

Specialities: Program/Project Management,Change Management, Customer Satisfaction Improvement Business Process Improvement ,Strategy Marketing, and Product Management

Parcours officiels

PSB Paris School of Business – International MBA – 2017


Project Management
Product Management
Marketing et Management
Marketing strategy
Strategy & Business Plan
Data Management
Operations Management
Notions Achats & Supply Chain